Not Your Average Publisher

When Kaleigha approached me about taking on this project last year, I was very hesitant. The idea was to create Erotic Diaries, Simply Erotic Reviews & this publishing company. We knew we wanted to be different. But we also wanted to be the same. We want all of you to know that no part of our project was taken lightly. It’s been thought out and we’re still thinking it out. We’ll also always continue to do so. So, there may be some trial and error, but it’s for the cause of making No Boundaries Press the best it can be.

A little more about No Boundaries Press and not being your average publisher (but yet still being average on certain points):

  • Cover Art: Is your contract over and one party decides not to renew? If you’ve been here the length of your contract, you are free to keep your cover art if you wish to. We understand that often cover art is what makes a book stand out. If you like it and your reputation with the one created here…you can take it with you. 
  • Queries: You submit your query and we will keep the blog updated as to approximately how long it will take for a response. To us, you are not a number. We want to know and work with our authors. Your acceptance (or not being accepted) is never decided by one person. You’re query will be seen by 3 people…at least 2 have to say yes.
  • Contact: Feeling left in the cold? Not with us. Although, at times you may have to leave a voicemail and wait on a call back, you will be provided with a phone number in case you need a voice on the other end rather than an email.
  • Does your book need a dedication? An acknowledgement? An explanation of the facts and research? Something else? We make sure your book is how you want it to be. We will get those extra pages to fit in and become part of it. It needs to be how you want others to see it.
  • Staff changes: Those are never any fun for anyone involved. That is why No Boundaries is using a different approach. Everyone involved with us will be seeing a quarterly profit so long as there are sales that their names were involved with. No one time payouts with NBP. We want a staff that loves their job, loves the other staff and loves the wonderful authors and readers that work with and follow NBP.
  • Word Counts: Anything 2500 to 200K is accepted. Over 200K, still contact us and we’ll evaluate on a case by case basis.
  • Heat Levels: We have a wide variety of levels. As long as there is quality of writing, nothing is ever too hot or too cold.
  • Genres: LGBT, Menage, Erotic, Paranormal, Historical, Romance, Suspense, Steampunk, YA Gay — Have one not listed? Tell us about it through our general email.
General time frame details:
  • Query submissions begin week of October 10, 2011. Please allow up to 4 weeks. We do not want to rush our reading or decisions. You took the time to write it, we want to take the time to give it a fair look over. Also, remember, it has to go through three of our staff members.
  • Query Acceptance: If you receive an email stating that your query has been accepted, this is part one. You will then submit your full manuscript. At this point, your manuscript can still be rejected (although not likely). Be sure it’s not full of errors.
  • Once your full manuscript has been received, it will be given a complete read through and minor edits. This is phase one. When phase one is complete, you will get another email from us. Please allow up to 6 weeks for this phase. 
  • Contract: If everything is still great on both ends, we will send you a contract. Please do NOT try to compare your contract to others that write for us. While some things are the same contract to contract, others are not. No Boundaries Press is also willing to negotiate certain aspects of each contract as well.
  • After the contract signing, you will be given a question sheet about cover art. You will also be able to submit a bio and give us details on any other items (like those mentioned above) that you feel you would like present in your book.
  • Your book will then go through several phases of editing.
  • Currently, with launch, books will start to “go live” on January 1, 2012. This is NOT abnormal, as most publishers have a 4 to 8 month wait on publication.
  • Once we have the complete manuscript and have had time to look it over, you will be given an official release date. This should not change unless there is an extreme circumstance. But we try to keep our times as accurate as possible so this will not happen.
  • No Boundaries Press expects you to promote yourself. However, we have a team that will also be promoting you actively as well. You are not alone in this!
  • At this time, we are not taking pitches. Your manuscript must be complete.
Now, I’m fairly certain I missed something. It’s late. Have a question? Just email our general email address under contacts. We’d love to address your questions here. We’d also love to hear your ideas. Watch for submission guidelines coming by the 9th.